Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Wrap it up......give with love

Just for you..     

     Wrap it up and give it with happiness. Baskets can be either highly unique or just down right horrible. As a kid baskets said I went to Hickory Farms for your gift. I would just frown at the assorted cheese and crackers.  As I got older baskets where thank you's from corporate companies. The baskets were thoughtless a array of anything that may look fancy to the common eye. Today thanks to Pinterest baskets have grown to meaningful words such as I Love You.  My goal for this year is to make special baskets for my girlfriends to say thank you, I love you, and cheers. 

bride to be...

Just some ideas and were to buy 
1. French Ribbon (online) 
2. Candles (Anthropologie/discount store) 
3. Glasses (antique stores/Thrift store) 
4. Champs 
5. Bath items (Ross, TJ Maxx)
6. Plant/Flower
7. Vessel (World Market Place) 
8. Shredded Paper (Target) 
9. Manicure Items (Rite Aid) 
10. Straws (target

Keep it clean 
Keep it fresh
Keep it pretty 

It doesn't have to be expensive just given from the heart.  

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