Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The weight game ?

      Forty five was a rough turning point in my life. Why ? Because my darn body was becoming a mom body.  My then 18 year old daughter said mom your not fat, your just womanly now. Thanks !! My arms were no longer lean and my once flat stomach is now.....well let's just say, not pretty. Growing old, lack of sleep and zero exercise  has given me that mom glow. Not the glow of maternity mom, but the dim glow of a light slowly burning out. I could fight it and use my gym membership. Hmmmm. I say no!!! I will instead buy tunics and send texts to my girlfriends saying I'm fat 🐖 and they will reply so am I. Today I drank water, ate yogurt, granola and lean turkey in lettuce. Tomorrow I will walk past cookies and drink water and cry for a Starbucks.  Will I loose weight? Probably not!!! Will my face look fabulous? Yes.  Why?  because it has fat on it and I discovered Gold Bond for the Neck (woohoo) Will my tummy look fabulous? No! Why?  because it has fat on it. So the moral of the story is????? im screwed. I'm getting older, my metabolism has changed, I'm more tired now then ever, and who in the hell am I trying to impress? No one 

Latest finds to cover up flaws but still feel cute I'll let you know how they look 

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