Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Taking a break ....

     Not sure anymore how to calm my racing heart down. I'm not heart attact bound, I'm just running around with my head cut off 24/7. 3 kids, 1 dog, a boyfriend and 8 employees under me makes me a very crazy woman at times. I strive for perfection in everything I do and that is a blessing and a curse. This week I've decided that I really need to set aside time to recharge and grow. 

1. Pray More : I pray everyday but not in a way that calms every ounce of my body. I must look inside and find that spot in my heart that truly lets me talk with God on a deeper level 

2. Walk: today was the first day in months that I went outside and took a walk. My boyfriend and I talked about our day, our kids and plans for our future. I actually saw the beauty around me that I take for granted

3.  Drink less coffee-drink more water:  Thisis a hard one for me.  I drink way to much coffee.  It's a very strange thing since I never drank coffee till after my brain tumor. I hated coffee and I loved tea. Well, roles have been reversed. Water is the devil to me.  Hence no gall bladder and dehydrated skin. Well I need to start thinking about the mental, as well as cosmetic benefits of good ole H2o 

4. Explore life more with a child like intrigue: Today the girls and I drove through Palm Springs in search of Frank Sinatras home. It was sheer joy as we went down streets singing, talking, and laughing in search for old blue eyes Twin Palms home. The pure innocents of discovery and the joy in finding something unexpected, is priceless. 

5. Be more Grateful: I've lived an extraordinary life! I've been blessed by tragedy that others see as misfortune. I need to remember who I am, what I have accomplished and be ever more grateful. Live in the moment and take a breath and show gratitude. 
Hadley's on our way to Palm Desert 

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Aging....... I'm 46

I really can't believe I'm 46! When did all this happen? 

      We all age, it happens. Some of us try to fight it with fillers and botox, while others just age and say F#%# It!  I'm not sure which woman I am. Have I tried Botox? Yes and it gave me such a headache that I've never tried it again. Fillers no! Why you may ask? I'm too cheap. The hardest part of aging for me is seeing my body change. At 44 my stomach was flat as a pancake, at 46 it's on its was to muffin status. Let's not even talk about the arms, ugh! I have a gym membership that sees my 30 dollars a month long before it sees me.  I'm no longer asked if I'm my children's older sister and the grays  come in quicker then I can retouch them. I have crinkles around my eyes that my black eyeliner likes to call home. I'm aging and it makes me sad some days and happy other days. My girlfriends are aging with me and we talk about our fat, our premenopausal anxiety, and how we went to the beach everyday together as children