Sunday, May 12, 2013

Brain Tumor Part 3

I remember when I went into the room for my CAT scan, there was only one technician behind the glass. But, as the test progressed one person after another flooded that tiny little room. I could see them looking, talking and then on the phone. I knew, I knew right then and there that I was sick. After the test was completed they asked me to sit in the  waiting room. Judge Judy was playing on the television and people where coming in and out carrying film. Then walks in this tall thin man. He had salt and pepper hair and beard. He was wearing dark pants and a vest. He calmly said Hope come with me. I followed him down a hall that seemed like it would never end. We entered a small room with a metal desk and a phone. I sat down on one side of the desk and he sat on the other. The phone rang he picked it up and the man she is here. He handed me the phone and my whole world crashed down in a matter of seconds