Friday, April 1, 2016

Blogger shopping

     I'm now obsessed with Blogger shopping. Yes I've fallen into the trap of looking at clothes and buying them from some cheap over seas company. I've become a shopping slug. I don't want to go to the Mall or visit my favorite consignment store.  I want to sit on my cumfy sofa, with a blanket on my lap and scroll through instagram and push like. Like! As in liketoknowit ...... What a lazy world this has become.  My latest buy was a blouse from Zaful. I love it with shorts (as shown) for my daughters. As for me, jeans is how I chose to pair it. I wore for the first time to a photoshoot and it was easy to move and work in.  It would also be an adorable beach cover up. Just ordered a few things from She-in so we will see how they rate.  I'm not looking for amazing quality, I know better, but what I'm looking for is clothing that is cute and trendy for a season.

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