Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Rules of The Bridesmaids Dress Game

  I'm just going to tell you the cold hard facts about ordering
  • Gowns take up to four months to come in.  We are not lying to you in order to get a sale.  IT'S A FACT!
  • you need to get all the dresses from the same location.  If gowns are purchased from multiple stores, you run the risk of different dye lots ( you want your dresses cut from the same bolt of fabric. The darker the color the higher your risk runs of colors not matching)
  • we need your measurements and height  bust/waist/ hips ( your jeans size and your bra size is NOT a measurement)
  • Dresses come a standard length and they are not made to measure.. (this is not COUTURE) for girls who are tall extra length can be ordered at an ADDITIONAL CHARGE!
  • Beware of the Internet... if the Jim Hjelm gown is 150.00 dollars, on line, chances are you are purchasing a copy... (IF ITS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE , THEN IT ISN'T TRUE)
  • GOWNS WILL BE DISCONTINUED! so if your looking way in advance, DO NOT be shocked if the gown is no longer available 10 months later.we order gowns as a group, NOT INDIVIDUALLY! this is to make sure the gowns are from the same die lot
  • RUSH CUT: its an EXTRA COST charged by the manufacturer for a tight wedding date.. a rush cut insures you, you will have dresses before your wedding BUT YOU MAY STILL RUN THE RISK OF HAVING THE DRESSES EXTREMELY CLOSE TO YOU WEDDING DATE!
  • lastly, gown orders come from all over the world to the manufacturers. Once an order is placed it is put into to a production line.  Certain dresses are cut on certain dates. YOU are not the only Bride, so you must understand that things can,t be changed 2 months later because a girl got pregnant or a girl was dropped from the wedding party! 

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