Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hakuna Matata~is that a tattoo?

     I would love to say that selling a wedding gown is like "Say Yes to the Dress" or "Amsale Girls", unfortunately it isn't..... Good TV wouldn't revolve around girls with 700.00 hundred dollar budgets and little girls screaming, not to mention the occasional mother/ daughter fight.  Case in Point, the dreaded TATTOO incident.  The mom and bride came in all happy and giddy.  We chit chatted picked out gowns and were having a wonderful time.  And then, it happened, the Tattoo was spotted by MOM. I knew what was going on, I could tell the bride was trying to hide her Hakuna matata tattoo from her mom.  It was to late! The brides mom, with her special mom eyes, discovered it under the thin layer of petticoat.  Smoke was starting to fill the room and I couldn't escape, WWIII had begun.  All I could remember the brides mom said "I'm going to kick you out of the house" and the bride said "so what I'm getting married, I'm leaving anyways".  As I tried to sneak out of the room, the mom grabbed me and said that's the gown she wants and her is my credit card I'm leaving......   there wasn't the "is this your dress?" moment.

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