Friday, July 15, 2011

good morning~lets build a relationship

      I hope today finds everyone well and happy.... the weekend is upon us and that means Saturday is a work day for me.  The Bridal Industry has been so unpredictable, as of late.  Some days are swamped and other days you could hear a pin drop.  This is true for everyone.  Ive spoke with many of my friends in the industry who have experienced the unstable bridal economy.  One day your up and the next day your flat on the ground.  Is it due to a brides lack of commitment?  Id have to say yes... World wide communications, via the Internet and television has totally changed the way brides shop.  Its no longer about a relationship with client and vendor, its about what can you due for me.... But, I transgress.  Make this shopping weekend about building a relationship with your vendor.  Who knows what they will do for you in the end.

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