Sunday, August 11, 2013

Single Moms deserve a night of fun!

   I hear from single moms all the time that they get bashed for going out and having a good time. It made me think. When I was little my parents would go to friends homes for cards, dinner and concerts and no one thought twice on their parenting skills. What is with people in this day and age that find it ok to comment on a woman's parenting because they choose to go to dinner or a concert. Are kids not allowed to be babysat by a older sibling these days? I say poppycock! (My new favorite word)  Was divorce suppose to turn you into a spinster and make you die a 1000 deaths ten times over. Jealousy is my only conclusion!  Plain old fashioned, she looks good and having fun and I'm not jealousy! 

     I say enjoy life with your friends and when you can take your teenager with you to see Train. 

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