Thursday, January 24, 2013

Surviving a Brain Tumor: Part I

There have been many moments in my life that have made an impact on me, but non as much as being diagnosed with a Brain Tumor. I remember that day a little over 9 years ago as if was yesterday, right down to the Ralph Lauren sweat outfit I was wearing. (I threw those sweats away).

It was Oct 16, 2003 Exactly 4 weeks after giving birth to my third daughter! I was in and out of the Dr's office with headaches and dizziness, we chalked it up to an Epidural and Lack of sleep. This morning was different, I woke up and I knew I was going to die. It's very odd to actually feel your body giving away. It's not at all scary. It's almost like you are on the outside looking down on yourself . Then my life began to move so rapidly over the next two hours !

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