Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's all in the feet!

Shots of the brides shoes is not a new thing, its just been taken to new heights. 

some of my favorites



Jays Cattering

Modern Spanish

I love a great shot of the shoes..

My Pet Shoe Peeves

  1. Toms
  2. flats
  3. old dirty shoes on guys
  4. flip flops.... you might as well be chewing gum also!
  5. french manicures... so 1991
  6. Jesus sandals on guys... Gross
  7. cowboy boots with straight gowns... Ummmm No
  8. silver strap shoes circa the Prom
  9. and My Favorite.. we are getting married on the beach so we are going barefoot.. then wear a bathing suit and call it a day for Gosh Sakes, save some money!

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